Significant Needs of Damp Proofing Services

Damp proofing services play an important role to prevent damp decays in residences. As the unnecessary moist and dampness can weaken the rigidity of the house walls, so it should be treated as soon as possible. Hence, we at D&D Roofing Solutions Ltd. follow a systematic approach to offer quality construction services, in which moisture controlled is applied onto the walls and floor surfaces to prevent the moisture entrance inside the house.


Quality Utilization of the Materials

Our skilful team is well aware of the fact that moisture enters a house through a basement level that’s why a damp proof course is applied at this level. In this process, the utilization of impervious and strong material is considered by our talented staff members because they are dimensionally stable. The durable materials used in the damp proof course are used as they can withstand both dead and live loads without damage. Our experienced builders are highly trained to better judge the quality of the material that are they free from salts? Like sulfates and nitrates. In this way, quality steps are always taken by us to reveal the long-lasting results of damp proofing in London.


Damp Proof Course Installation by Reliable Builders

Proper methods are adopted by our reliable staff in the installation phase. Full coverage of the walls is done by damp proof course (DPC) excluding rendering. Suitable leveling of mortar bed and DPC is considered as an uneven base can damage walls. A cement concrete fillet is provided at the junction after leveling the horizontal DPC towards the vertical face. In this way, a barrier is formed by the efficient expertise of our staff to control the water and moist entrance in walls.


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