Major Role of Timber and Rafter Treatment 

To enhance the life expectancy of the wood while ensuring its stability for long terms, timber and rafter treatments are offered by us in cost-effective ways. To make the timbers highly resistant from decays, a wide variety of useful methodologies are implemented by our skilful staff at D&D Roofing Solutions Ltd.  Except for the measurements of structural wood preservation, sorts of preservatives and processes are provided by us to ensure the long life of the wood. Wooden beams in the shape of slope structure are rafters and are treated by our staff.


Efficient Skills of Professional Staff

Our staff is highly equipped to carry out the treatment processes in specially made treatment plants. With the help of the Vacuum Pressure Impregnation process, timber is impregnated with preservatives. This process is carried out by our trained team until the required solution has penetrated the Sapwood and elements get chemically fixed into the timber. In this way, after implementing the required methodologies and smart handling of chemicals by our specialized team, the quality of the timber can be ensured. Rafters made up of timbers are also treated well by the efficient skills and expertise of our professional workers. As rafters are placed from the ridge of the roof to the wall plate of the external roof so, they are laid side by side to support the roof decks.


Experience of Years

Our team of skilful builders reveals satisfaction guaranteed results after the fulfillment of any job. So, customers can put their trust in the positive effects of our timber and rafter treatment in London. The experience of the past 28 years is sufficient to ensure the quality of our timber treatments.


In case of any query and service details, customers can call on 0800 485 7740.