Requirement Fulfilment of Quality Weather Pointing Work

For the long-standing of the house, the protection of the house walls from bad environmental factors and harmful climatic conditions is very important. Otherwise, walls can be damaged easily if care is not taken. To meet this requirement, we at D&D Roofing Solutions Ltd try our best to maintain the stable quality of your house walls. To ensure the stability of the bricks in the rainy season, pointing is done by our competent roofers.


Eligible Staff Services with Fine Approaches

The expertise of our professional staff is admirable to enhance the finish of mortar joints in brick or stone masonry construction. Proper planning and implementation ideas are considered by the eligible staff to reveal guaranteed results. Joints are implemented to the depths of 10mm to 20 mm and filling with high-quality mortar is performed to avoid the harmful entrance of rainwater. Also, no unnecessary gaps are seen and rigidity of the walls can be ensured for long-term results. Hence, with the help of cement mortars and lime mortar joints, walls can be made protected from rainwater.


Work Completion in Given Deadlines

We understand the basic needs of our customers in a matter of high-quality weather pointing work. To satisfy customers, work responsibilities are completed within a given period of deadline. Regardless of the complexity of the pointing work, commitments to achieve desired results are fulfilled by our trustworthy staff. With the experience of the past 28 years, professionalism has always been ensured by the incomparable results of premium quality services.


Customers are facilitated with free quotation services and you can call us at 0800 485 7740 for any query.